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In the towns of San Sebastián and Zarautz is where the Pukas surf schools are located. San Sebastián possesses one of the most consistent and high-quality urban beaches. Both beaches have excellent characteristics for learning to surf, with long rides and different conditions within the same day, depending on the tides and the area of the beach where you choose to surf, ideal for any level surfer.

Both surf schools are located in the middle of both of the aforementioned beaches. The instructors all have years of experience and work with the best material available in the field of surf schools. To avoid an enormous waste of time and extreme frustration, you'd be better off taking advantage of professional advice and in a couple of days to a week you'll be enjoying your first experience as a surfer.

The courses normally last one week
(M-F, 1 or 2 hours daily) and the groups have a maximum of six students. Reduced group classes, private classes and intensive weekend classes are also available. Included in the courses are accident and civil responsibility insurance and all the necessary material (surfboard or bodyboard, wetsuit, rashguard, etc…)

The courses cater to ages 8 and up, from beginning to advanced levels. The surfboards used in the courses are manufactured at the Pukas factory, which allows the instructors to choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes in order to correctly assign the proper board to each surfer according to their level, weight and height. If you are an experienced surfer and you are travelling in the area but are without a surfboard or wetsuit, you will find a wide variety of accessories available for hire, not only for learners and beginners as there are also boards for professional level surfers available. We teach this “action” sport in a safe and comfortable way, offering a hot shower in proper facilities to warm you up after class if necessary.

While you are enjoying your stay in one of these towns, you can also take a quick trip to one or several of the world famous surf breaks that the Basque Country has to offer such as Hossegor or Mundaka. In the months of August through October, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) visits the Basque Coast where one can watch the various contests held in which the best surfers in the world compete in the European leg of the World Tour.

Surfing Urbansurf San SebastianSurfing Urbansurf San SebastianFoto cortesía de www.lazurriola.comSurfing Urbansurf San SebastianSurfing Urbansurf San SebastianSurfing Urbansurf San Sebastian